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  • I went to Kogarah High in the year of 1979 for four years end in 1982. The school has brought me many good memories. I remembered in the back of my mind as a young student. I first went with my mother for the interview with the school counsellor for the Deaf, Mr Robert Ingle in the late 1978. While waiting outside of the office to be interviewed. I first noticed there was something different about those people over there talking to each other with their hands. I had no idea what it was. Not until the following year starting at school. I started to get involved with them. I quickly learnt the beautiful language which it call Auslan (Australian Sign Language). I proudly learnt Auslan from the other students and have used it constantly til this day.
  • When the school celebrated their 25th anniversary on 1989, unfortunately I was living in Melbourne at the time and missed the wonderful opportunity to celebrate. A few years ago I thought in back of my mind "when is the next celebration for the 50th anniversary"? I asked one deaf student if she knew when or if anybody was organising. She was surprised and ask we must find out the "when". The has spurred me to start organising  to write this commemorative book and anniversary reunion.

    It was a please to write the 50th anniversary book of Kogarah High School O.D. class book. I was delighted to share the stories, experiences of the ex-students and teachers over the past 50 years of schooling.

    The purpose of this book is to record the history and events that has happened in the school over the last 50 years of the school. Unfortunately there were no records written why, when, who ran the deaf classes.

    Much of the information in this book comes from the sources such as surviving Kogarah High School newsletters and magazines, local newspapers, Registry of birth, death and marriage indexes, electoral rolls, phone calls, photo collected from students, teachers and Kogarah High and local library and most importantly orally from students and teachers.

    I have spent many hours gathering and scanning the newsletters and photos available from the library with the kind permission from Mrs Virginia Pacey, Kogarah High School principal. Than k to the many ex-students and teachers for their time to fins photos and giving me valuable information to put into a book. To assist with this book the library has given me two books which have been included unto this book called "Nostalgia 1891 - 1973" and "100 Years of Education 1891 - 1991".

    Hope you will enjoy read this book as I have enjoyed compiling it for all of you. I apologise for any mistakes that may have occurred.

    In conclusion, special thanks must go to Carrol Collishaw and Catherine Galloway who have assisted me by sending me many photos and information that has helped with this book

    Lastly, I'd like to thank the secretary of the Kogarah High School 50th anniversary committee, Jillian Thompson. She has been very patient while I completed this book

    Lisa Dunbar (nee Atkinson)

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