Kogarah High School O.D.

Stephanie Arena

FIrst school year Now


Date of Birth: 30th April 1964
Public / Primary School:
Farrar Public School for the Deaf
Date Enroled
: 31th January 1967
Date Kicked out: 3rd November 1977
Kogarah High School:
Date Enroled: XX XXX 1978
Date Kicked out: XX XXX 1981

Married: Yes        If yes - name: Mrs Stephaine Muscat
Kids: 3
Date of Death:
Your School's report Card: X
Reports on Teachers: X
Reports on Yourself:  X
Reports on Pupils: X
Best Friend or Foe: X
Note: No news at the moment.

Job: -
For how long: -
Website: -
Retired (Yes / No): No

Homepage (Yes / No): No
Homepage website: -

Video call?:
Glide:        -
Skype:      -
Camfrog:  -

Social Media:
*    Facebook: -
*    Instagram: -
*    Snapchat: -
*    Linkedln: -
*    TikTok: -
*    YouTube: -

Stephanie Arena on Websites?: No

Stephanie Arena on Magazines?: No

Deaf Sport(s) I play:

Australian Deaf Games I play:

National Deaf Games I play:

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